Activating macrophages and the innate immunesystem

SBG is produced by a proprietary and patented method in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in Biotec BetaGlucans’ production unit in Tromsø, Norway.

The story behind SBG


The wonders of nature

Serendipity can be said to be at play when researchers, looking for a solution to a problem,


Tromsø University

Test the theory/hypothesis that beta-glucans strengthened the natural immune system.


Soluble Beta-Glucans

The shape of the SBG molecule found in Woulgan, lets it connect efficiently to the macrophages’ receptors.

Science of SBG


Elie Metchnikoff


The "father of natural immunity", credited for discovery of phagocytes in 1882, the major defence mechanism in innate immunity.


Nobel Prize


Metchinkoff and Ehrlich got the Nobel Prize for their work on immunity. The work is the foundation of the science of immunology.




Purified soluble beta-glucan from yeast is shown to bind to receptors on macrophages and activate the innate immune system.

Cancer studies

Patent: Therapy enhancing glucan in Neuroblastoma

N. V. Cheung et. al. 2012.

A therapeutic composition for treatment of cancer in mammal is disclosed. The composition comprises an effective amount of yeast beta-glucan composition which is suitable for oral administration and for absorption through the gastrointestinal tract of the mammal. The above therapeutic composition ma...

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Wound healing

Macrophages: A review of their role in wound healing and their therapeutic use

R.J. Snyder et. al. 2016.

Macrophages are mononuclear phagocytes established during embryogenesis and derived from the yolk sac or the fetal liver but also recruited from the blood and bone marrow under proliferative inflammatory conditions (such as tissue repair). Most importantly, they take on distinct phenotypes and funct...

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